Pathar Ki Masjid, Patna

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Pathar Ki Masjid

Situated on the narrow road and congested surrounding of the Patna city area , Pathar ki Majid (means Mosque of Stone)  is the oldest mosque of the city. Situated near the bank of river Ganga and near to Harmandir Takht, this mosque is a testimony of the time and religious harmony during the last four century. It was built by Parvez Shah, son of great Mughal emperor , Jahangir  in 1621 AD.

The mosque is built using stone only, hence its name is Pathar Ki Masjid. It is situated on a raised platform.  It is a small mosque with a small central dome , with four small minarets at the corners and two long minarets at the entrance. It is a very popular mosque among the Islamic community. It is also known as Saif Khan's mosque, Chimmi Ghat mosque & Sangi masjid.

The mosque is quite hidden from the eyes unless searched for. The narrow road and multiple shops beside it, makes it hard for the visitor to locate, even when they are dropped at the right place.The entrance is from a side lane and a staircase takes to the mosque.

How to reach: It is easily reachable by autos. It is situated in the Pathar ki Masjid area of the Patna city. However, the narrow road would pose a problem for the hired cabs/private vehicles to park.

Patna Junction: 7-8 km
Mithapur Bus Stand: 9-10 km
Patna airport: 12-13 km

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