Travel Tips


travel tipsTravel to any region in any part of the world must be accompanied by some knowledge about the region. It helps in understanding the social, political and cultural aspect of the region. A high expectation or low estimation about a region is not the practical way to judge as these things can be relative and depends on one's perceptions. However a few basic thing can help in travelling. Patna is also a mix city of all kinds of goods and vices, like any other big Indian city. The city has its own joy and difficulties. However, while visiting the city, following tips can be useful :

  • The best time to visit the city and the nearby places is from October to February. This is winter time when the weather is cool and pleasant. The summer is very hot accompanied with local hot winds called 'Loo' , and rainy season is not a time to move freely.
  • For visiting the nearby places, its best to stay in Patna and take an early ride to reach the place and return back by night.
  • Avoid going outside during the night. Also do not stay outside till late night.
  • Monday is generally an off-day for most of the tourist attractions. So, make sure before visiting any place on Monday.
  • Bargaining is quite common here. So, it is advisable to do some bargaining before purchasing or settling any thing.
  • Avoid public transport, like government buses within the city. They are small, congested and suffocative. Rick-saws and autos are easily available, so make use of them. The autos can be hired or shared. They may charge higher, so any information from the passengers or nearby peoples can be informative. ( Patna - Modes of Local transportation )
  • Be aware of theft and pick-pocketing at the busy places, like Patna Junction, markets and so on.
  • The city is not always clean. So, do not expect the city to be clean. The garbage and dirt beside the road may be common.
  • Private Bus Stand at Mithapur is far and road is traffic congested. So, one should be aware of the timing.
  • While visiting the religious places, pay respect to it and do not act or do anything which may hurt the sentiments of the people. If photography is not allowed within the campus, follow it.
  • Avoid wearing provocative clothes and costly jewelleries during visit to tourist places.
  • Use packed drinking water bottles during visits.